New Server & Menus

A few notable updates over the weekend that I thought I’d share with you guys. I’m going to open up comments so if you have any requests or comments please let me know!

New Server: I decided to move the site from a shared hosting service to a dedicated VPS. Up until recently I’d been hosting this site through, a really great hosting company for those less technically inclined. I’d actually signed up for a one year contract on a deal that was set to expire in June. Moving to a VPS (provisioned through, if you’re interested) was a great decision. Not sure if you’ve noticed the responsiveness but it feels much snappier!

New Menus: Over the weekend I added a couple new menus, both from restaurants I really enjoy. IHOP is a guilty pleasure of mine, and even though the Omelettes aren’t GF the rest of the menu is fantastic. Tonight I also added Pizza Hut, which I tried out a few weeks back. The crust is fantastic and in my opinion I think they do the best job overall of any of the big chain pizza places. If you look at the Pizza Hut website info page ( you can tell that they’ve really put a lot of thought into it.


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