The Local Flavor

A feature that I’ve wanted to integrate into is finally taking shape. You’ll find that when you browse individual restaurant listings a new button, “LOCATE THIS RESTAURANT”. This is the second step towards a comprehensive integration of this website across a number of platforms and I’m really excited about the doors this is opening. […]

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Bringing The Point Home

I’m happy to announce the first step towards a full integration of and Google Places! You’ll find that starting today when visiting the Gluten Free Menu page that a new functionality┬áhas been inserted. This new function, “Activate Local Lookup” introduces the first step towards a better experience for our visitors. Using a series of […]

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These Times Are A-Changin’

I spent some more time this evening updating our menus (while watching The Simpsons…. it seems like that show is on constantly on FXX these days, but I digress…). It’s really interesting to see how the menu lineups have changed over the last couple years, I focused on updating my first menus to ensure they […]

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