The Local Flavor

A feature that I’ve wanted to integrate into is finally taking shape. You’ll find that when you browse individual restaurant listings a new button, “LOCATE THIS RESTAURANT”. This is the second step towards a comprehensive integration of this website across a number of platforms and I’m really excited about the doors this is opening. […]

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Bringing The Point Home

I’m happy to announce the first step towards a full integration of and Google Places! You’ll find that starting today when visiting the Gluten Free Menu page that a new functionality┬áhas been inserted. This new function, “Activate Local Lookup” introduces the first step towards a better experience for our visitors. Using a series of […]

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These Times Are A-Changin’

I spent some more time this evening updating our menus (while watching The Simpsons…. it seems like that show is on constantly on FXX these days, but I digress…). It’s really interesting to see how the menu lineups have changed over the last couple years, I focused on updating my first menus to ensure they […]

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New Server & Menus

A few notable updates over the weekend that I thought I’d share with you guys. I’m going to open up comments so if you have any requests or comments please let me know! New Server: I decided to move the site from a shared hosting service to a dedicated VPS. Up until recently I’d been […]

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Red Robin Reloaded

I had a few minutes today to start looking at our existing menus and noticed that Red Robin was getting pretty out of date. They’ve recently changed the supplier for their buns and in my opinion they taste even better. I decided to flesh out the menu as a whole to more specifically define the […]

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