About Gluten Sniper

Finding a gluten free menu choice while dining out is rarely an easy task. Gluten Sniper brings gluten free menus to your fingertips. With a quick and convenient interface it’s an excellent resource for identifying gluten free menu items while dining out.

Those of us who are gluten-sensitive or have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease know just how difficult it is when faced with the prospect of dining out with friends and family. This site and accompanied Android App have been designed to make it easier for you to not only find a safe, gluten free place to eat but to easily pick out those items that are Gluten Free.

About the Website

Using top-secret customization to the venerable WordPress platform this site has been developed to bridge the gap between diner and restaurant. The goal with this website is to make it as easy and straightforward to find the menu items you can safely eat.

About the App

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Drawing from the same top-secret database structure, the Gluten Sniper app is the easiest and most straightforward way to find the gluten free menu of your favorite restaurant. At the touch a fingertip you’ll have access to a comprehensive database of safe and delicious choices that you’ll know you can enjoy without risking your diet.